"Walk towards the light, not in death, but in life." -srs-                   

                               Welcome to saenzart.com

When I walk through the world, I notice how beautiful it is. I can find hidden gems in anything around me. If you look closely, you can see how 35 years of waves has worn-down a pier post and created  something for us to appreciate.  You will see the vibrant colors within some amateur graffiti, as if it were destined to be there.  All my life, I've found these "gems". 

My hope is that I have captured these moments so they are frozen in time and can be appreciated by you.  Perhaps they will adorn the walls in your home or office.  I offer them up to you in a variety of ways.  Art should be accessible to all.  For this, I offer prints of anything you find on this website.  Choose for yourself what fits for your life. Choose for yourself what gem has captured your eye.  Once you have found it, hold onto it.


Samuel Richard Saenz